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Double and single plastic tray selection method: according to what kind of cargo handling equipment, or automated warehouses, pallet racking, accumulation


Double and single plastic tray selection method: according to what kind of cargo handling equipment, or automated warehouses, pallet racking, accumulation, flat deposit of the state, to decide whether to use single double sided or double sided. To cover an area of an area small top shelves With an emphasis on vertical transportation, forklift loading and unloading as the main way, on one side and on both sides all can use. For larger area, the main square yard is adopted to improve the level of transportation, if use hand pallet truck, use the single tray, if use on its own Use the gap tray type electric pallet truck, use the following without strip. Have used to multiple stacking pallet stacker, pallet and the lower part of the goods at the bottom of the top overlap, it is best to use below with small gaps of double-sided tray.
The characteristics and advantages of plastic tray, plastic tray clean appearance, easy to clean, easy to disinfect. Plastic tray without nail thorn, not accidental damage to the goods in the packaging process. Avirulent plastic pallet price insipidity, is helpful for the improvement of the warehouse environment. Goods not pollution, especially Food. Tray is recyclable, can be used as the raw materials for processing other items. Plastic tray long service life, general is 2-3 times that of the rotating wooden pallets, reasonable use can achieve 4-5 times.
The company and individual development of high quality tray at the scene, points out the development direction, highlight the quantitative standard. Thus more conducive to fair competition and development of the industry. The concrete measures of national revitalization of logistics is to achieve the Internet and efficient logistics, implementation of the container Logistics and unit. Therefore, to be the top design, plastic pallet manufacturers focus on pays special attention to the pilot, and according to the local experience to promote. At present, the flat pallet standardization of transformation is not allowed and indulge. But before the climate, should give To the traditional tray enough space out of the mainstream market, fully realize plastic pallet manufacturer the value of the use of the existing tray, avoid the waste of social wealth. Preliminary scale, collective logistics operation in the plastic pallet manufacturers gradually realize the smooth transition of the two kinds of logistics mode. Tray unit operation mode reform itself is a reasonably good and beneficial polity, and its economic benefit is obvious.
From the plastic pallet manufacturers in the analysis we can see that there is no need to be sure to transform the common culture even tray or container unitization logistics tray. Even tray designed, is to satisfy a low ground, light load, short, local fan Enclosed within the logistics needs of. Should make it the mandate of heaven, it is secondary containment pallet ok to do their job as well, so that it can greatly reduce the scope of the pallet standardization implementation lower pallet standardization of resistance. In general the tray High standard requirements, we can focus on the tray on the standards development and implementation of packaging unit.

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