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Pay attention to slowly adjust depth, if you want to nail the object is different


Pay attention to slowly adjust depth, if you want to nail the object is different, so the nail gun distance to stare at the distance of the object is different. If the volume and nail the nail machine is not high, can buy a u-shaped nail gun, then just try U nail, if you have any hexagonal screw nail gun muzzle, also can adjust, because the card pin to remove Nail Making Machine manufacturers the nail to, and then into the depth of the adjustment. Note do not use compressed air to power sources, do not use other improper joint, must use the designated nails.
Without using coil nail machine, must be truncated air source and remove the nails, check the tightness of the screw nail gun before use, cannot be again after nail into the nail on the nail, when loading a nail or operation of this gun, hand or body is placed where the nail may hit.
In volume nail machine in use process, if not good for heat dissipation, will affect the normal use, so is because of what factors influence? We can from the volume nail manufacturers have a good understanding.
If the nail gun near the wall, and was nailed objects too, might affect the cooling, or are there other heat source near the nail gun. When running a nail gun, the front door and door is open, if there is no open, the fan is wire nail machine manufacturers unable to form a strong airflow. If radiator blockage is the case, there are a lot of dust around like nail gun, for instance, long running can cause nail gun radiator appearance has a lot of dust or oil dirties, and then let its internal copper pipe also is easier to form oil dirties jam, so heat.
And nail gun oil filter may be too dirty, if it has with three rows of oil filter, because it's too dirty, the cause of its resistance to oil can't according to normal flow into the sealing machine, sealing machine also can because it leads to cooling lubricating oil shortage caused by the rapid warming. Volume and the cause of the malfunction and nail out Coil nail manufacturers products has been widely used now, but in the use of coil nail machine, pay attention to the analysis of reasons, so that you can solve in time.
If volume nail machine is in operation, the paper clip clip to the electrolytic paper or roll the needle was not involved in the electrolytic paper, appears will stop the alarm, should check the examination paper clip and the paper feeding trough, ensure smooth pull paper folder each time, and ensure that electrolytic paper from the volume by needle openings. When it is running, the paper Nail machine manufacturer slot not too early, to the wave is early or paper or adjust the volume at the beginning of time slot position can be adjusted parameters. There will be the main servo or roll needle servo abnormal, want to check the servo driver for fault information first, if the server is no problem, then to check the mechanical positioning and roll needle positioning photoelectric sensors are in good condition.
When the machine is running, there might be expected, the phenomenon of lack of foil, roll machine downtime alarm, you need to check each feeding mechanism and institution have jam phenomenon, rule out the possibility if we need change the material.