aluminium laminated tube

BB cream hose manufacturer in terms of design tend to be promoted, and the customer's brand or communicate more perfect series.


BB cream hose manufacturer in terms of design tend to be promoted, and the customer's brand or communicate more perfect series. BB cream like for young people, for instance, often material is thin, so use IP joint way design will be more. For some have certain brand of BB cream, also through the design of more high-end products, such as through the black hose, combined with hot stamping brand name and so on, fully display the brand advantage.
So with BB cream tube material, design requirements will be higher, before aluminium laminated tube it can be recognized by the market! We thought we only need to prevent bask in the summer before, but because of the atmospheric pollution, ozone layer becomes thinner, we therefore ultraviolet far more intense than ever, in this case, we need to wear sunscreen all the year round. So the demand of sunscreen is increased greatly, and with sunscreen packaging requirements are rising and now has become a selling point.
Now more and more enterprises to choose the emulsion hose as latex tube packing. Because hose small, lightweight, and extrusion, even by external extrusion, will soon recover, so more popular like, so many companies choose to pump tube emulsion hose as packaging. The hose packaging price compared to traditional packaging, the price is cheap. Enterprise in choosing a latex tube packing, of course, should pay attention to the quality of the hose. In quality assurance at the same time, choose the reasonable price. Because if the hose is too cheap price, or quality is bad, or it's not convenient to use, or when using do not conform to the common sense.
Now, for the chemical industry, plastic hose cosmetics gradually replace the traditional metal glass container, because the plastic hose has the advantage that a lot of cosmetics, such as use rise more convenient, more light, color is more beautiful. So a lot of cosmetics packaging will choose plastic hose cosmetics, segregation frost packaging is no exception.
BB cream appear in the market time is not long, compared to other skin care products, BB cream is a relatively new category, but because it is more fit than powdery bottom, can reflect more than other creams like whitening effect, so empty lotion tubes the inside of the bag and is now a lot of women necessities. We often see some women took out after BB cream, you can directly recognize the brand, does not have to see the BB cream hose the brand will be able to identify the above. This is the BB cream hose effect of packaging design. A good BB cream packaging design can often impressed consumers, and even may become one of the BB cream promotion way.