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For volume must choose suitable nails, nail guns and use the nail gun, the gun need to aim at certain objects.


For volume must choose suitable nails, nail guns and use the nail gun, the gun need to aim at certain objects. When to install nails, nail gun, pay attention to the hands and do not in themselves on the nail gun might hit the place. And at the time of nailing, pay attention to not put a nail in the edge of the object, because the corner or edge may be too thin. Also should pay attention to is, can not use compressed air to power sources, and to use the appropriate pressure.
When we use, hit a coil nail gun safety device, to check whether the safety device is normal, the operator must take the goggles and earmuffs.
Coil nail factory products in many areas we can to it, but many Nail machine supplier people don't know coil nail machine, today we take a look at what is the volume nail machine.
According to introducing, the so-called volume nail machine is composed of a set of equidistant same shape arrangement of several single nail and fittings, fittings can be plated copper wire, pure copper wire, etc., fitting in with the center line of the screw rod into fixed Angle oblique upward, connected to each nail, will string together all the nail, and then rolled into a roll, general fixed Angle of 0-90 degrees; And volume nail machine has a very wide range of applications, can be applied to mechanical nailing, also can be installed on the coil nail gun for nailing, its advantage to reduce manual labor, increase productivity.
Utility model volume nail machine, widely used, especially suitable for construction, decoration, furniture, wood, packaging, cars, etc Oil can separate coil nail machine from the air, to prevent the occurrence of corrupt phenomenon, coil nail machine to extend its service life, so how to give volume nail machine oil? Today volume nail machine manufacturers to our knowledge.
Coil nail machine oil has certain steps and skills, we must first is to add ink, marked the beginning of coil nail machine oil at this time. Can be used to open the oil box, while others use a closed, the oil viscosity at this time must be low enough to make the ink can be evenly spread out on the surface of the coil nail machine, and able to enter the cave in the thread; Then let Nail machine manufacturer the etching ink into the concave area, it is important to note due to the evaporation of solvent is very fast, this will lead to image sag area on the surface of the oil than the oil below some glue.
It suck, then the excess oil from oil sorbent surface, after fully dry again, can prevent the air between oil and coil nail machine, the air will cause uneven oil residue, the roll up, even if we can see the volume of screw machine products.
Volume and manufacturers to remind the broad masses of users, nail nail machine has certain scope, not volume nail machine applies to all industries, then we began to learn about related knowledge.
It is understood that the current volume nail machine is widely used in construction, decoration, decoration, decoration, no nail head nails, after laying no nail marks, features suitable for decoration industry. In the decoration industry are used in the ceiling, sheet, etc., can also be used for furniture production and all kinds of wood products; Secondly applies to wooden cases for outer plate fixed, also suitable for soft and hard wood, bamboo, ordinary plastic, wall casting, furniture, packaging wooden box, etc.
It is precisely because people and countries the huge demand for coil nail machine industry, make the coil nail machine manufacturers, coil nail machine industry's rapid development, as the replacement of the common round nails, coil nails machine the use effect of favored by users. Coil nail factory manufacturing products often used in the construction industry, in the process of using some matters need attention, now it's time to carefully understand about volume nail machine is introduced?
Generally in order to improve the efficiency, we will use machine, coil nail machine but customer sometimes is not very understanding of the function of the machine, then we need to pay attention to reading the manual carefully, so you iron nail machine can really play mobility of the product, the second is if long time can lead to the use of products severely damaged, need to replace the machine, often again in order to ensure our safety, need at the time of operation, do not wear loose clothing or jewelry, scarves, ties, in order to avoid danger caused by the moving or rotating parts.