Cold Drawn Tubes

How to keep cold treatment of cold drawn precision steel tube cold drawn precision welded tubes precision steel tube if the chosen way of cold treatment is not correct


How to keep cold treatment of cold drawn precision steel tube cold drawn precision welded tubes precision steel tube if the chosen way of cold treatment is not correct, it will lead to the performance of the affected, so measures need to be in the cold treatment process, the main content is the following points. Before cold treatment should put it in boiling water, cook for 30 seconds, so it can eliminate the internal stress of about 15%, and also can let residual austenite reaches a steady state, can then be carried out in accordance with the conventional way of cold treatment, of course, also can choose the normal processing 60 degrees below zero, and then to minus 120 degrees of cryogenic, lower processing temperature, cold drawn precision steel tube, with a thick wall will lead to residual austenite into martensite inside dimension, but could not complete transformation, basically there will be about 2% of the residual, so right now you need to put the remnants of the retained austenite, can reach the corresponding buffer effect.
After cold treatment is completed, also need to take the cold drawn precision steel pipe out, put in hot water for heating processing, so it can eliminate stress, probably about 40% of cold treatment and should be as soon as possible Cold Drawn Tubes after the gradual warming of the tempering cold treatment, most of them can be eliminated as soon as possible, but also can avoid the occurrence of crack, to obtain the stable performance, guarantee the product in the later use don't appear in the process of deformation phenomenon, is also convenient to storage of daily life, or more advantage on the whole, these also is actually cold treatment measures, also won't affect.
Avoid aluminium tube what appear white rust measures when aluminized pipe storage and transportation needs closely stacked together, you should take some measures to avoid the white rust, keep low humidity environment Cold Drawn Steel Tubes around the plating parts and ensure adequate ventilation between accumulation of plating, can make the white rust to the less. Specific measures are as follows: surface treatment methods can be used to reduce the coating production of white rust. Have good ventilation environment under the condition of adding cover deposit. If plating pieces only in open air, in order to provide aluminium tube surface free flow of air. Covered with plating pieces do not put in May be limited by the rain, fog, water and snow water influence. When aluminium tube need to shipping, should not take it as a surface ship consignment, also should not put it in the ship's hold, may contact with bottom water.