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Stainless steel tube joint is a small parts, mainly consists of the joint body, ring and nut. Its main role is to enhance joint sealing performance


Stainless steel tube joint is a small parts, mainly consists of the joint body, ring and nut. Its main role is to enhance joint sealing performance, improve the bearing capacity and aseismic capacity, etc. At present, this joint is mainly used in hydraulic engineering industry, oil and other liquids. Although it is widely used, but the corrosion often happens. Share with you how to prevent the corrosion.
Strictly master the material. Stainless steel tubing joint though not easy corrosion, but be careful. How to prevent corrosion? General consideration on select material, mainly including joints and stainless steel. So the factory can hydraulic fitting supplier choose stronger corrosion resistance of stainless steel, so that we can better prevent its corrosion, to meet the service life of pipeline. Can take the initiative to prevent its corrosion electrochemical protection, but the technology is relatively wide. The method includes setting protector protection, cathodic protection and anodic protection.Surface coating on corrosion of stainless steel tubing connector at present, generally USES the higher corrosion resistance of stainless steel, the other is a coating on the surface. These two aspects are the most common, but also have matters needing attention in the surface coating. For instance, the stainless steel surface is smooth, to meet the requirements of coating material, can not cause harm to human body.
When buying, must first know exactly what type of connector used, and then you can know the corresponding models and specifications. Only by understanding the functions of this type of joint and need products, can query type and specification in detail. Buy connection, need to make sure you need connector type, and then choose according to the specific of the specifications of the need to pay attention to the joint. Close line selection, and then select the company type and scope of business and a filter channel choice. If the company is not mainly engaged in this kind of product, you need to think carefully, because the company's extensive intervention does not mean that the product is too pay attention to quality, and may only be a simple step in the industry, just want to step in. Had better look for a long run time, word of mouth good company to make an inquiry, price comparison is necessary, so as to choose the most conforms to the interests of good products. In order to ensure that the choice of joint, joint can correct assembly and use. Hydraulic system used in the joint, for example, a lot of models and specifications, the product type is very much also. You don't need to understand them all, just need to know what you want to buy.
Connectors are widely used in many piping systems, like electric and hydraulic system etc. In different circumstances, of course, use transition joints are not the same, like the smallest cell phone adapter, also can saying is a kind of transition joints. So it is very simple, is to play the role of a transition, connecting two cannot connect directly by the connector products. However, no hydraulic fitting manufacturer matter in what kind of system is used, what kind of specific application in use, its function is to transfer, finally achieve the goal of connection on both sides.