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Looking at the transition when combined with material should pay attention to what transition joints currently has eight kinds of models.


Looking at the transition when combined with material should pay attention to what transition joints currently has eight kinds of models. The eight models through four kinds of codes to represent, so, when we choose to buy this kind of transition joints, we need extra attention, copper aluminum the joint of the material, which it is used in the letter. You want to remember, copper and tube fitting manufacturer aluminum material code for BR. Transition joints and other parts must be assembled on the basis of reliable quality. Only in this way can, in the use of superior function, ensure reliable applications. According to the requirement of the joint tightness control assembly is very important. Because if the transition joints installation is not tight, will lead to the existence of the connector not strong enough. This in the pipeline system, will inevitably lead to leakage problems. For many need to use the function of the connector system, the existence of the leak is not only waste materials, influence the normal operation of the whole system, also can bring security risks.
But this is not to say that the transition joints can tighten when assembly, because the installation of transition joint is too loose, not only and install too closely, can cause some bad situation. If you do more fastening operations, has the potential to joint in the case of huge external force a certain amount of damage. Like when the screw is too tight is easy to slip, causing them to 14 tube fitting once again unable to properly tighten, joint assembly.So from the point of view of use, it is very necessary to pay attention to the installation of control transition joint tightness, not too loose nor too tight. Firmness, on the other hand, should be in suitable condition, the best state, most conducive to joint to make it in use function in a reliable way.
The role of copper aluminum transition joints in daily life, many people the transition joints in this kind of material is more favour, joint is introduced and the scope of application of the hydraulic hose connector, transition joints and hose assembly, etc. What we call the copper aluminum transition joint is a kind of transitional street.
Copper aluminum transition joint purchase regularly pipe fittings manufacturer we already know, many different kinds of connectors, and connector use scope is broad, the use of connectors in different areas have different types. If you must choose copper aluminum transition joints, so, in order to be able to select the corresponding joint, we need to look further corresponding sub models. The next step is to choose the company, joint purchase. Before buying, you don't need to understand everything all joints. But be joint to oneself want to buy the model has a detailed understanding, so as to guarantee the normal connection after purchase.