stainless steel hydraulic fitting

Stainless steel quick joint, is a kind of can be completed without special tools we can joint system pipeline connected or disconnected.


Stainless steel quick joint, is a kind of can be completed without special tools we can joint system pipeline connected or disconnected. Quick connector can be divided into: with fast connection, co2 gas fuel gas with fast connection, with gas liquid with fast connection, steam pressure with fast connection, rare gas with fast connection, refrigeration temperature oil with fast connection, fast development of semiconductor compound materials joint. So quick joint of stainless steel which how choosing the right application, need to pay attention to what place?
In the quick joint of stainless steel cable connection, one end of the quick connector is usually a different style of plug-in socket, on the other side of the connection devices and need a relative in the plug, can stainless steel hydraulic fitting quickly finish inserting function. This is because it has a compact structure, small volume, light weight, high pressure, good compatibility, etc. It is a kind of no special tools to easily remove the pipe connection, especially suitable for must often remove the pipe. Compared with ordinary stainless steel fittings, it has stronger coordination, applicability and safety coefficient, more time in the application. With one hand to press the button to remove the stainless steel fast connection and connection.
Quick joint of stainless steel standard: the living environment of the work environment relative humidity, dust and easy erosion degree of joint application effects are very great harm. Before application, everyone should be quick joint of stainless steel type, material, sealing material characteristics of itself, adopt a suitable fast connection. Installation: according to the size of the liquid volume specified joint types and specifications. Ensure that the selected quick connect external thread is the same. The same brand of Yin and Yang head should cooperate with each other. If you need to cross application, as far as possible in the process of operation consulting goods supplier technical personnel, and confirm before application. Application: quick joint under the running condition limit should not exceed the application work pressure, work stainless steel needle valve environment temperature, environment humidity and corrosion sensitivity also should be controlled in the range of application. Don't damage to quick connectors. Quick joint if any problem, immediately get professional maintenance technicians, don't tear open outfit.
Quick joint of stainless steel in addition to the stainless steel, copper, aluminum and other materials. Because material is different, the type and specification of the stainless steel joint are different, can be used in different industries, including gas, carbon dioxide gas, gas and liquid, steam pressure, rare gas, cooling oil temperature and fast connection of semiconductor materials. According to different joints, can be applied to automobile gasoline, gasoline, diesel, frozen oil, gear oil, gasoline fuel oil, water, salt water, acid and alkali liquid, steam, etc material. The pressure of up to 1.65 million mpa, effective temperature in - 54 ℃ to 180 ℃, wide application. But the large current cable is made of stainless steel rapid joint discomfort. As a result of the current skin effect, most of the current in the stainless steel tube fitting cable surface circulation. If quick connector makes the cable on the surface, it will lead to very large cable surface resistance. When large current basis, according to joule's law can lead to very large calorific value, there is the risk of damage to the cable.