bright sewing thread

Rebar cutting machine is widely used in the manufacturing industry, especially for the manufacturers of rebars. They are also equipped with rebar cutting machines to cut the rebars, directly provide the customers with the processed steel, and improve the sales cost.


Sewing thread is the yarn used to combine two or more fabric pieces together in garments, accessories, and other textile products. Thread may be comprised of the same construction and fibre content as the garment, but is often different. Thread encompasses the majority of the stress and strain from movement and needs to be strong and durable. It must resist breaking and be compatible with the rest of the garment in terms of color, care instructions, and construction. Major quality checks for sewing threads include construction (diameter and fineness), strength and elongation, shrinkage, twist, twist balance, and color. The other parameters include sewability, imperfections, finish, package density, and winding. Sewability is tested by sewing the thread in the intended fabric at the highest machine speed. The sewn fabric should consist uniform and consistent stitches, which indicates good sewability. Sewing thread should be free from imperfections such as knots, slubs, thick and thin places.

Raw white sewing thread features the property of non-bleaching, non-fading, non-balling, non-knotting, uniform thickness, smooth, strong tension and warp pull. The use of environmentally friendly polyester is more durable and stronger than small-volume handmade sewing threads. The thread does not contain azo and are non-irritating to the skin. They can be directly contacted with the skin and meet the standards of clothing. The thread breakage rate is lower than similar products. It has good lubricity and good sewing effect. The heat shrinkage rate at 150℃ is less than 2%. It can be used for general fashion fabrics, all kinds of knitted fabrics, silk, shirts, swimwear, ties, raincoats, sportswear, gloves, etc. This sew all thread set provides good performance for both hand and domestic machine. It can be used for many projects include sewing, clothing repair, alteration, cushion making, tailoring, tapestries and any other stitching work.

The spun polyester bright sewing thread means the raw material is polyester short fibre, not filament . In different sewing thread factories, the raw material decides these factories’ markets. In sewing thread market, most goods are spun polyester bright sewing thread, and others are filament sewing thread including nylon sewing thread, aramid sewing thread and so on.

Core spun yarn is generally made of synthetic fiber filaments with good strength and elasticity as the core yarn, wrapped with short fibers such as cotton, wool, and viscose fibers by twisting together. The core spun yarn has the excellent properties of filament core yarn and short-spun fiber. The more common core spun yarn is polyester-cotton core spun yarn, which uses polyester filament as the core yarn and wraps cotton fiber. There is also spandex core spun yarn, which is a yarn made of spandex filament as the core yarn and outsourcing other fibers. The knitted fabric or jeans material made of this core spun yarn can stretch freely and fit comfortably when wearing. Its main purpose is to strengthen the cotton canvas and maintain the water repellency of the cotton fiber swelling when exposed to water, and use polyester to have stretch resistance, tear resistance and shrinkage resistance when it is damp in the rain.

Poly poly core spun yarn, made by wrapping a staple polyester wrapper around a continuous filament bundle of polyester fibers during spinning, and then plying these yarns into a sewing thread. The continuous filament polyester core makes up approximately 65% of the thread construction. Core spun, or “poly core”, yarn is created by twisting staple fibers around a central filament core, usually made of polyester for extra strength. It is 40% to 50% stronger than normally spun yarn of the same weight, and reduces the number of broken stitches when sewing seams and hems on denim.

Poly cotton core spun yarn or core spun yarn consists of a high tenacity polyester continuous filament covered with cotton fibers to give the yarn the strength of a high tenacity filament and the smoothness and appearance of cotton. We are using high tenacity filament of best world producers and cotton from permanent regular origins. Always T.F.O. (Two For One) twist makes it completely knot free. Reverse SZ twist, specifically twisted for sewing thread. It can also be used for embroidery, quilting, weaving and knitting. Polyester cotton yarn is presented in natural cotton color, heat set (steam set) and in dye tubes ready for dyeing. Counts range from thickest Ne 16/4 to thinnest Ne 77/2.