Container Homes for sale

Prefab container homes锛孋ustomized your house.



Small Container Homes for Sale
Prefab container homes锛孋ustomized your house.
Small container homes is compared with traditional house construction, container houses have the characteristics of low cost, easy assembly, recyclability and long service life.
Wecare team is specialized in building prefab container home to provide comfortable and economic living and working experience for you. office and entertainment space for you according to your needs and design concepts.
SizeL 5800mm* W 2500*H 2500
WallInsulation rock wool/glass wool/EPS sandwich panel,
Both surface color steel plate
RoofFrame : Q235 hot dip galvanized steel.
Insulation:Rock wool/Glass wool.
Top surface: hot galvanized steel plate
Ceiling: hot galvanized steel plate
Frame : Q235 hot dip galvanized steel.
Insulation:Rock wool/Glass wool.
Bottom surface: hot galvanized steel plate
DoorSteel security door W900mm*H2000mm
WindowPVC / Aluminum window W800mm*H1000mm
ElectricityOptional standard
Install time5 workers complete one 20ft house in one hour
Wind resistant120km/H
Earthquake resistantUp to Richter 8
Life spanUp to 20 years
Feature and Application of the Small Container Homes
1. Rugged and durable: all-steel material, all-welded structure, shockproof, waterproof, windproof, fireproof and anticorrosive.
2. Environmental protection and energy saving: Take it out and use it without any operation waste; it can be recycled for up to ten years, and it is environmentally friendly and energy-saving.
3. Flexible combination: multiple container houses can be used to arbitrarily combine different shapes and sizes of staff dormitories, management offices, temporary meeting rooms, dormitories, kitchens, bathrooms, etc., and it is extremely fast.
4. Convenient disassembly and assembly: The container house is an integral structure, which can be quickly transported to the destination by a crane. It is hoisted on site and moved in on the same day. The disassembly is simpler. It can be directly hoisted away. All the living utensils inside can be hoisted away together.
5. Easy to move: The whole container house can be moved to any position you want at any time with a hoisting truck.
Small container homes is equipped with cabinets and article racks, which can provide sufficient space for articles to be placed. It is also equipped with a stainless steel kitchen. The bathroom has a shower, sink and toilet. Everything is based on the principle of not damaging the surrounding environment. Aiming at mobility, stability and safety, the designer divides it into functional spaces such as bunk beds, double bed rooms, dressing rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and open living rooms/balconies, which can comfortably accommodate two Adult and two children.
The walls are equipped with movable shafts that can be expanded to extend the living space to the outdoors. Housing bottom of the housing 6 supporting reinforced concrete, to facilitate a user placing a container housing in a variety of terrain.
The small container homes is used as a temporary building that is both strong and strong and has the characteristics of flexible disassembly and removal. The light steel frame ensures the robustness and durability of the box. When it is rebuilt into a building space, the surroundings can be enclosed by foam silk, sandwich panels, and flax tin foil insulation. The connecting components can be bolted, which is convenient for assembly and easy to dismantle. It is very convenient and can realize the concept of temporary construction.
The small container homes uses a large area of floor-to-ceiling glass instead of metal walls in appearance , which is stylish.
The structure is sturdy and safe, the function is complete, the living is comfortable and does not pollute the environment, it can be easily transported by truck or helicopter, providing a flexible solution for long-term mobile living.Container Homes for sale