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Coil nail machine for oil, is generally how to operate? Then we can have a good understanding about it.


Coil nail machine for oil, is generally how to operate? Then we can have a good understanding about it.
At the beginning of the first to add ink, some of the machine using oil box, but others use closed, the oil viscosity at this time must be low enough, to make the ink can be evenly spread out on the surface wire nail machine manufacturers of the coil nail machine, and able to enter the cave of the thread. And then let the etching ink into the concave area, due to the evaporation of solvent is very fast, this will lead to image sag area on the surface of the oil than the oil below some glue. Nailed volume on air out again, to absorb excess oil.
Then from oil sorbent surface, after fully dry, so that we can prevent the air between oil and coil nail machine, because it can cause uneven oil.
Generally in order to improve the efficiency, we will use machine, coil nail machine but customer sometimes is not very understanding of the function of the machine, then we need to pay attention to reading the manual carefully, so you can really play mobility of the product, the second is if long time can lead to the use of products severely damaged, need to replace the machine, often again in order to ensure our safety, need at the time of operation, do not wear loose clothing or jewelry, scarves, ties, in order to avoid danger caused by the moving or rotating parts.
Nail to make sure that the volume of the machine performance is High Speed Nail Making Machine stable, must need to pay attention to place it in the suitable environment, can effectively maintain the product performance is stable, have the effect of saving resource, from the side to bring us great benefits.
Coil nail machine manufacturers products can be used in the industry, but we found that the product is also has the certain service life, if in use process found product case of damage, now it's time to carefully to understand this knowledge introduction?
Because of manufacturing volume nail machine material is metal, in order to ensure product quality, some matters need to pay attention to, when choosing, need to rinse the product, in the process of rinsing must be careful, you don't Nail production machine have any residue on the surface of the screw. During tempering heat, be sure to put its reasonable, otherwise, there might be oxidation reaction, if we find that there will be a black surface produce chemical use, indicated in the heat treatment do not thoroughly, alkaline residue on the surface of the not completely removed.
In the process of using pneumatic nail volume or inspection process, found problems pneumatic tools, tend to cause unnecessary trouble, we use how trying to repair as soon as possible is especially important.
1, (to be automatic back needle) is a foreign body due to switch out either because the guide hole impassability or switch in spring. Or is a needle, or is due to the head light.
2, (half) needle cylinder is no oil or less oil.
3, pick up switch seal leakage) check cushion if there is any foreign body, needle sealing ring is damaged, or replace the needle.
4, flat (switch) turn on the switch to check the thread have slippery silk, see switch valve stem have aluminum or foreign bodies.
5, small (trip) with grinding wheel grinding the trigger.
6, (pipe joint leakage) coated with 704 glue again.
7, (buckle switch out leakage). A, in switch seat B, guide hole leakage in shell.
8, (cylinder cover a flat) open the cylinder cylinder cover, did Nail Making Machine price check cylinder seal is broken, if not, look at the inner wall of the shell is uneven or have sand holes or foreign bodies.
9, cylinder cover a flat (button switch) open the cylinder cover, check all the seal if there is any foreign body inside.
10, long (back) the problem is the small seal hole or partial.