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Aluminum alloy parts processing industry scale and production technology at home and abroad development soon


Aluminum alloy parts processing industry scale and production technology at home and abroad development soon, has developed a large number of various performance and function, different varieties and use of new aluminium alloy materials and processing technology. Aluminium alloy parts processing technology and constantly push the new detection technology, the energy saving, environmental protection, safety, continuous lean, efficient, high quality, high-grade direction development, has developed a large number of large, precision, compact, high efficiency, energy conservation, environmental protection, multi-functional, automatic zero of aluminum alloy processing technology and equipment, greatly promote the aluminum alloy parts processing industry to develop in the direction of modernization.
More and more widely used for aluminum alloy parts processing technology put forward higher request, aluminum alloy precision parts processing industry has entered a new period of rapid development. Aluminium alloy is the first selection of lightweight materials, sectors of the national economy is bound to partly replace steel become important basic materials and all aspects of people's life.
Aluminum alloy is the most widely used in industry die cast light housing of non-ferrous metal structural materials, in aviation, aerospace, automotive, machinery manufacturing, shipbuilding, chemical industry and have been extensively applied in daily life. The rapid development of industrial economy, the growing demand for aluminium alloy precision parts, aluminum alloy processing technology research also deeply.
Aluminum alloy precision parts processing industry in China although in recent years has made great progress, but compared with western developed countries there is a certain gap. Aluminum alloy parts processing in China started relatively late, the technical research and development ability relative lag, high-end fewer specifications varieties, some high precision products rely on imports. And low-end products manufacturer numerous mostly belongs to the labor-intensive enterprises and production enterprises, product homogeneity, the competition order is chaotic, give priority to with price competition in a red sea competition stage. This kind of enterprise has not yet entered the stage of brand competition and full service competition, refinement and low degree of automation of production, led to high production costs, under the condition of the selling price is strong downstream customers, gross margin is difficult to improve. And domestic has a full set of production process of enterprise is not CNC machining parts much, most of enterprises are mainly concentrated in the profile production and a small amount of mechanical processing link. A few have the whole process of high-end product research and development manufacturing ability and the ability to implement the concept of refinement and automation production enterprises, are in a strong position in the domestic industry.
The western developed countries and regions, aluminum alloy precision parts manufacturing industry has completed the evolution, mergers and reorganization of the integration process, such as the United States, Japan, Russia and other countries integrate formed multinational companies. These multinational companies complete aluminium industry chain, in the global allocation of resources, make full alloy die casting use of local resources and markets, covered from mining, smelting, casting, rolling, extrusion, the whole process of production systems in the field of deep processing to the downstream application, both upstream resources, and directly to the end user, internal collaboration, high production efficiency, product quality is stable, low production cost, strong adaptability to market price swings, anti-risk ability.