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Aluminum alloy precision parts processing industry in the whole industry chain in the middle and lower reaches of the upstream for aluminum raw materials


Aluminum alloy precision parts processing industry in the whole industry chain in the middle and lower reaches of the upstream for aluminum raw materials, mainly provides the basis of raw material for production, so the quality of the upstream products, processing technology, and resource supply capacity and so on all the production and supply of products processing industry to DIN screw plug produce a direct impact on. The downstream industry for aluminum alloy precision parts applications, including power electronic equipment industry, automobile industry, medical equipment, automation equipment, daily necessities manufacturing industry, such as the industry product market demand is closely related to the downstream industry product demand, and synchronous development with the development of the downstream industry market.
With expanding the scope of application of aluminum alloy parts, aluminum alloy parts processing industry in our country needs to keep pace with The Times, strengthen processing technology research and development, seek new development. As the saying goes, there is no backward industries, only the backward mode of production. Aluminum alloy parts processing enterprises should strengthen the Magnetic Drain Plug consciousness of innovation, improve processing technology, realize the shift from labor-intensive to leading technology, to enhance the market competition ability of enterprise itself, can be in an impregnable position in the fierce market competition, to achieve "until the snowcapped, she stands in" at the supreme state.
Because of the aluminum alloy precision parts involving more subsequent processing link, such as stamping, CNC machining, heat treatment, surface treatment, etc., most of the products from the processing fees, and processing enterprises usually adopt pegged to the aluminium price standard of pricing on both ends of the supply and marketing, therefore processing industry outstanding enterprises to improve product added value, standardized production management, improve the production efficiency to avoid price fluctuation of raw materials and downstream application on the risks of market changes.
Aluminum alloy precision parts in our country is the most fundamental industrial products manufacturing, application field is very broad, such as power electronic equipment, transportation equipment industry, medical equipment industry, industrial automation machinery, household appliances, etc. Aluminum alloy precision parts of a mature production technology and process, a comprehensive grasp core technology and production technology and independent research and development and the innovation ability of the manufacturer car radiator cap can more easily expand to a new application field. As enterprises in the industry in the deepening existing customers at the same time to speed up the flexible production and automatic upgrade, increase investment in research and development, to expand application field to more downstream industries, industry market concentration and maturity will increase further, low-end excess capacity of processing and manufacturing enterprises will be eliminated by the market. And those small, weak technical force, processing means lag behind, only to please the customer at a low price of aluminum alloy parts processing factory will eliminated by the relentless cities place.