Steel investment casting

According to the machining accuracy, mechanical processing can be divided into general processing, precision processing and ultra-precision processing.


According to the machining accuracy, mechanical processing can be divided into general processing, precision processing and ultra-precision processing. But the line is along with the progress of the processing technology, and constantly changing, today's precision machining may be tomorrow's general. Precision processing to solve the problem, one is the machining accuracy, including the shape tolerance, dimensional accuracy and surface condition; Second, machining efficiency, good machining accuracy can be achieved with some processing, but socket screw plug difficult to obtain high machining efficiency. Precision machining including micro machining and ultra micro machining and finishing processing technology. The traditional precision machining method with abrasive belt grinding, precision cutting, honing, precision grinding and polishing, etc.
Current precision and ultra-precision machining accuracy from micron to sub-micron and nanometer, in car, home appliance, IT electronic information and the field of high and new technology are widely used military and Steel investment casting civilian industry. At the same time, the precision and ultra-precision processing technology has promoted the development of machinery, mold, hydraulic, electronics, semiconductor, optics, sensor and measurement technology and the rapid development of the metal processing industry.
Precision cutting, also called the diamond cutting tool (SPDT), with high precision machine tools and machining single crystal diamond tool, mainly used for copper, aluminum and other unfavorable grinding processing of soft metal precision machining, such as computer use drum, disk, and high power laser with metallic mirrors, higher than general machining precision of the 1 ~ 2 level.
Honing head of honing, oil sand, under the certain pressure reciprocating motion along the workpiece surface, after processing the surface roughness can reach Ra0.4 ~ 0.1 microns, is better to Ra0.025 mu m, are mainly used for processing Stainless steel foundry iron and steel, should not be used for processing small hardness and good toughness of non-ferrous metals.
Precision polishing abrasive belt is the blended fabric of with abrasive abrasive to machining of workpieces, belongs to the category of the coated with abrasive grinding, and has high productivity and good surface quality, widely used, etc.
With the progress of science and technology, the improvement of living standards, product demand diversification has become the norm. Take aluminum alloy products, the original conventional processing technology can't meet the needs of industry and commodity diversification and high standards. Therefore, in the field of aluminum alloy parts processing, processing non standard fasteners accuracy along with the development of manufacturing technology and continue to improve.
The strength of the aluminum alloy and steel, but less than stainless steel, aluminum alloy density is only 1/3 of the stainless steel, the light and strong, toughness is dye-in-the-wood space level of metal, widely used in industry and in the manufacturing of articles for daily use. Aluminium alloy workpiece using precision CNC machine tool cutting grinding is made. Surface after sand blasting process. It is worth mentioning that both the frame is aluminum magnesium alloy material.