deep draw stamping

Ultra-precision machining is on ultra-precision machine tool equipment, use of parts and tools with strict constraints between the relative motion


Ultra-precision machining is on ultra-precision machine tool equipment, use of parts and tools with strict constraints between the relative motion, to trace the material cutting, in order to obtain high shape accuracy and surface finish deep draw stamping machining process. Ultra-precision machining current refers to the size of the processed parts accuracy is higher than 0.1 microns, the surface roughness Ra is less than 0.025 microns, and the resolution of the used machine tool positioning accuracy and repeatability is higher than 0.01 mu m's processing technology, also called the sub-micron processing technology, and is to nanoscale machining technology development.
Precision grinding and super precision machining of aluminum alloy parts. Precision machining, including microfabrication, superfine processing and finishing processing, finish machining processing technology, etc. Microfabrication technology refers to the manufacturing of small size parts processing technology; Superfine processing technology refers to the manufacturing ultra-small size parts, processing technology, they are in view of the integrated circuit manufacturing requirements, and that due to the tiny size, its precision is by removing the size value, rather than using the ratio of size and size error.
Polishing is the use of mechanical, chemical, electrochemical method was carried out on the surface of a micro machining, mainly used to reduce the workpiece surface roughness, the commonly used methods are: manual or mechanical polishing, ultrasonic polishing, chemical polishing, electrochemical polishing compound and electrochemical mechanical machining etc.
Finishing process generally refers to the lower surface roughness and increase mechanical processing method, the mechanical properties of surface layer can't focus on improve the machining accuracy, the typical machining method are honing, grinding, super finishing and a chipless machining. In fact, the machining method can not only improve the surface quality, but also can metal stamping parts improve the machining accuracy. Finishing machining is put forward in recent years a new terms, it is corresponding to light the whole processing, is both to reduce the surface roughness and improve the surface mechanical properties, and to improve the machining accuracy (including size, shape, position precision) processing method.
Precision grinding and polishing by the titanium machining parts abrasive and processing fluid between the workpiece and tool, workpiece and tool for mechanical friction each other, make to achieve the required size and precision of the workpiece processing methods. Precision grinding and polishing for metal and nonmetal workpieces can be other processing methods can not achieve the precision and surface roughness, the grinding surface roughness Ra 0.025 microns or less processing metamorphic layer is small, high surface quality, precision grinding of simple equipment, mainly used in plane, cylinder, gear tooth surface and there is a requirement for sealing the spouse of the processing, can also be used to gauge, gauge block, nozzle, valve body and valve core of finishing processing.