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China Roof Sandwich Panels China Roof Sandwich Panels


China Roof Sandwich Panels Product Introduction: The insulated roof panel is based on polyurethane hard foam as the insulation core material. The upper and lower sides are galvanized color coating steel plates or aluminum plates or stainless steel plates. The PU Panels have high fire prevention level and good thermal insulation effect. Product Features: 鈼?/spanHeat retention performance: insulation effect of insulated roof panels is good, generally in an ideal state, 50m m polyurethane composite panels insulation effect is equivalent to 1720mm brick wall. 鈼?/spanFire resistance performance: Polyurethane composite panels has good fire resistance performance, has the characteristics of self-extinguishing from the fire, and the fire protection grade can reach B1 level. 鈼?/spanEnergy saving and environmental protection: Polyurethane roof panels are energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and because they are easy to install and recycle, they greatly improve the reuse rate of panels. 鈼?/spanVaried type: Polyurethane composite panels types are diverse, and a variety of panels types are customized to meet all individual needs. Product advantages: 1. The insulated roof panels of Henan Panels Industry Co.,Ltd are fixed by concealed nails, and the roof panels are overlapped tightly and no fastening nails can be seen. The unique waterproof groove design can effectively prevent rainwater leakage and avoid the phenomenon of cold bridge. 2. Adopt 39mm wave crest / ribs, increase surface strength, easy to drain, reduce snow load and wind load by 170%. Surface profile and thickness of insulated roof panels: The insulated roof panels consists of two outer metal sheets (Color-coated steel plate, stainless steel, aluminum plate or other) with stabilizing core of insulation sandwiched between them.The outer surface of the sheet can be flat(microribbed /plat/square wave/relief), corrugated or any specific design.Insulating material can be Polyurethane(PUF), Poly-isocyanurate(PIR), Rockwool or glasswool. Allowable vertical load and heat transfer coefficient of PNS Company鈥?PU roof Panels (allowable deformation f 鈮?L/240): Thickness of panelHeat transfer coefficientWeight (Kg/銕?Load capacity 0.5/0.4mm0.6/0.6mm mmW/銕KG/M2KG/M2P=KN/銕?/p0.600.80101.201.50 500.319.9412.50L(m)3.593.172.852.612.33 750.2110.9913.704.644.073.663.342.96 1000.1911.6914.505.574.884.383.993.53 1200.1612.3915.306.285.494.924.483.97 Note : Above table is calculated on the basis of PU鈥?density 40-42kg/m鲁, outer steel sheet /inner steel sheet : 0.5mm/0.4mm; 0.6mm/0.6mm) Specifications of roof Panels: Technical SpesificationsModel : PNS-ROOF 001 Number of Ribs3 Height of Ribs39mm Width1000mm Minimum/Maximum Length1m-22.75m Paint TypePVDF / SMP / HDP / PE Insulation Thickness50-60-75-80-100-150 Insulation TypePolyurethane-Polyisocyanurate Maximum Themnal Conductivity0.022W/mK,0.0195W/mK Fire ClassB-s2-d0 according to TS EN 14509 (TS EN 13501-1) Density40-42 kg/m鲁 PUR 45-48kg/m鲁 PIR Specifications of roof Panels: Insulated roof panels ItemsSpecifications Panel typeHidden nail roof panel Effective width锛坢m锛?/p1000 Thickness of Steel sheet锛坢m锛?/p0.4-0.8 Usual colorsWhite ash, crimson, sea blue, iron gray, etc. Recommended coatingPVDF coating / SMP coating / HDP coating / coating Thickness of core material锛坢m锛?/p50/60/75/80/100/150 Core materialsPolyurethane Thermal conductivity 锛坵/m路k锛?/p鈮?.023 Application industry of insulated roof panels: 1. Purification engineering With the rapid development of industries such as electronics and medicine, the requirements for the cleanliness of the production environment are getting higher and higher. Polyurethane sandwich panels are widely used in production and working environments that require cleanliness as interior wall and ceiling materials because the color-coated panels on the surface are not easy to adhere to dust, are easy to clean and have fewer joints. 2. Combined house The modular house built with PU Panels has a series of advantages such as overall light weight, flexible combination, convenient and fast construction, no need for secondary decoration, and easy disassembly and relocation. The feature of PU Panels composite house that can be relocated many times makes it widely used in temporary buildings. In addition, a large number of combined houses are also used inside the industrial factory to use the sandwich Panels.China Roof Sandwich Panels website: