plastic pallet crates

3 d library mounted storage library storage mounted type, often used in garments, textile and other industries.


3 d library mounted storage library storage mounted type, often used in garments, textile and other industries. In bulk storage of goods at the same time, this way of storing can put the goods in accordance with the color, size, style, carry on the reasonable classification, such as deposit. Mount often Often with the help of a modern three-dimensional library equipment, automated management can better, deal with all kinds of large amount of order. Three-dimensional library of plastic pallets are stored in the three-dimensional library storage, use plastic tray is common. Use plastic pallet fork content, it can be To make full use of the upper space of the warehouse. In the case of limited space, access is very convenient and flexible. Plastic tray ability of resistance to freezing and moistureproof and anticorrosive mouldproof, has certain advantages suitable for many kinds of environment.
Tray is mainly suitable for chemical, petrochemical, food, aquatic products, feed, electric appliances, food, three-dimensional warehouse, logistics and other industries, plastic tray can all bifurcate, convenient operation, long service life, recyclable, convenient for forklift truck, hydraulic pallet Trucks transporting goods. Plastic tray can also be applied to all kinds of trucks, convenient plastic pallet crates container and material piece transportation, with non-slip rubber, ensure material in the process of transportation and transportation not sliding, plastic tray applies not only to mutually stacked in a warehouse, and Safe, clean, and suitable for all kinds of shelves, insect-resistant, moth-proofing, does not need to repair. The cost of using recycled plastic pallet costs 10% lower than buy disposable wooden tray. Plastic pallet handling quality problems when using wooden pallets. There would be no insect stings Bite and corrosion. In addition, the company can also use the fine plastic tray to improve the safety of goods, choose packaging circulation form, to improve the environment of the company image and social responsibility.
The material tray, can be more flexible to adjust height. Widely used in many industries, especially manufacturing, logistics, machinery, electronics and other goods flow, a large quantity of warehousing enterprises. Three-dimensional library ibc spill pallet container storage container storage is suitable for many materials for weeks Turn. Due to the container of frozen resistance and impact resistance ability is pretty good, in the frozen environment can be normal use. Three-dimensional library location size, flexible packing case can hold sizes. Under the management of intelligent system, can the goods storage at the same time The goods safety, reduce the damage. Plastic pallet and container is fit for the three-dimensional library dense storage system, flexible applicable to mass operation scene.
In addition, the use of a plastic pallet transport goods, shorten the operation time, shorter delivery time, freight rate increase, general forklift driver can do 10 assignment, if the goods are scattered or heavy, they can say the equivalent of 20 pieces of work has been done. plastic The use of the material tray has a certain number of shipments, careless ibc spill containment pallet delivery can prevent quantity, number of simple processing.