plastic pallet crates

At present, the main existing specifications plastic pallet size more consumable, the low degree of standardization, as using the waste serious


At present, the main existing specifications plastic pallet size more consumable, the low degree of standardization, as using the waste serious, and logistics related equipment form a complete set of equipment is not no cohesion, affect the logistics operation efficiency and capital, and other issues. According to the survey, about 869.1 million, our country existing tray pallet as many as plastic pallet crates 100 kinds of specifications, standardized tray market share is only twenty-three percent, and the use rate of international standardization plastic tray, Australia is ninety-five percent, with eighty percent in America, seventy percent of Europe, Japan and South Korea was thirty-five percent. General speaking, the pallet standards include the size of the tray standard, quality standard, test method and the examination and approval. Operation standard, packaging and pallet operation specification, etc.
Using the environment cleanliness. Consider using the environment pollution of tray. In highly contaminated environments, must choose pollution resistance, easy to clean tray. Such as plastic tray, composite plastic wooden pallets, etc. Temperature conditions. Different temperature directly affect the choice of the pallet material. This is because the tray made of different materials has its normal temperature. Such as the use of plastic tray temperature between 40 to 25. For plastic bulk containers the special requirements of the goods carried the tray material.
Shelves use pallet, also need to consider whether the structure of the tray is suitable for stacking on the shelves. Under normal circumstances, the goods can only be inserted from two directions from the shelves, shelves use tray should therefore fork up all around, as far as possible to facilitate fork fork up the goods,Improve the work efficiency. This type of tray generally choose the field word line structure. After loading the goods according to the tray should heap or affix one's seal, decided to choose one tray or double tray.
The size of the plastic pallet is the foundation of the logistics container unitization important standard, it has to do with the commodity consumption line, storage shelves, handling of goods, container, transportation vehicles, the unloading platform and handling equipment has the matching relation between directly, so this article mainly refers to the transport of standard tray gm even tray size specifications.
Sometimes the tray to carry the goods is corrosive, or tray to carry the goods need to support. In addition to the specifications, but also consider the size of the warehouse and Each the size of the cargo; Consider the packing of the cargo of the specifications, according to the pallet packaging specifications for choosing appropriate size of the tray, can maximize the use of surface area of the tray. Considering the maintenance interval tray. The flow of loading tray Directly affect the choice of the pallet size. Generally the goods you choose 1200 mm1000mm tray to Europe, the goods you choose 1100 mm1100mm tray to Japan. The structure of the tray.
Consideration should be given the size of the transport and transport equipment. The right tray size should just meet the size of the transport, so that we can fully rational use of the space transportation, save transportation costs, especially considering the container and transport trucks The box size. Tray is for the use of the local board, that is, will not move until plastic pallet containers the cargo trays, only have the effect of moistureproof and waterproof. Can choose simple structure, low cost of the tray, such as simple plastic tray, but to pay attention to the static load of the pallet, used for Transportation, handling, loading and unloading tray should have high strength and large dynamic load. Forklift to use, with this tray need to repeatedly used, so the requirement towards the intensity of the pallet is very high, the structure of the tray to "day" or "sichuan".