collapsible pallet bin

Blister tray refers to blister process tray, is through a rapid development of plastic processing method production molding products.


Blister tray refers to blister process tray, is through a rapid development of plastic processing method production molding products. Some plastic tray is to use this kind of processing and shaping process, it is mainly the flat plastic plate material heated to make it become soft, then use the vacuum adsorption cooling in the mold surface forming, and blister process than smaller injection mould cost, applicable to small batch production, a pair of mold can do different material and thickness of the product. Blister process has restrictions to the tray shape, the size of the product compared to precision injection molding to poor. Is mainly used in the electronics industry, toy industry, stationery industry, cosmetics industry, health care products industry such as small size irregular products, disposable supplies.
Blow molding tray blow molding equipment is generally adopted by the relatively large blow molding machines, generally USES HDPE as raw material, so the quality of its products in plastic pallet quality level is good. And blow molding tray product modelling is novel and chic, reasonable structure design, surface for groove design, good skid resistance, no leftover bits of material. And collapsible pallet bin its forming process quickly and fully; Full, molding, products internal quality and stable performance. Especially the blow molding tray ageing resistance, corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, oil resistance, easy cleaning and disinfection, and many other features, is currently in fresh cold chain and the food industry is more and more widely used.
Plastic tray tray irreplaceable advantages of some other material, for larger corrosive goods, it also can not affect normal use, also has certain moisture resistance in the warehouse. It is easy to clean, can repeat use repeatedly. Like the wooden tray is very easy to be polluted, some contaminated can no longer use, need to be destroyed, this is a waste.
Is the use of plastic tray, the ownership of the tray is different, the specifications of the tray, material is different. It asked the Shared system, establish and improve the tray as soon as possible all over the country to establish tray collection points, by having a considerable amount of tray collection points, giving full play to the advantages of plastic tray in the circulation in the leasing system, achieve the goal of pallet recycling and maintenance. In addition, with the more and more control of deforestation, developed plastic pallet bins countries demanding of wooden pallets, plastic raw material cost is reduced, and the people environmental protection consciousness to strengthen, is to stimulate the comprehensive use of the plastic pallet in our country.Injection molding tray after making plastic raw materials melting into the liquid to be injected into the corresponding membrane cavity, once the molten plastic into the mold cooling after you will get and membrane cavity as the shape of the workpiece, the process is usually accomplished by injection mould machine. Injection molding tray quality of a material is solid, stable chemical properties, non-toxic tasteless, not made into a bad influence to the product. Equipped with steel tube, can greatly increase the bearing capacity of the plastic tray. Injection molding tray can be either on the shelves, and can take transport, but limit the widespread use of reason and its production cost is higher.
Plastic tray testing - advantage analysis plastic tray is the material storage and transportation industry of new products, a good assistant transport, warehousing, light weight compared with steel tray, wood tray, smooth, beautiful, integral sex is good, no nails without a thorn, tasteless non-toxic, acid, alkali, corrosion, washing disinfection, not rot, not combustion, no spark, the collapsible bulk containers rational use of recycled countless times use, waste and recycling, etc. Stereoscopic warehouse with heavy anti-skid plastic tray, RH1210B, containing eight antiskid blocks, all can fork, you can use the forklift truck and hydraulic manual, electric pallet car handling effectively improve the work efficiency and space utilization. Plastic tray and tray box all can be used alone, but most of the situation, in order to improve the efficiency, integrated operation, usually used in combination. Is stacked to the tray, the tray box with a pallet truck or forklift. Surface of the plastic tray with antiskid rubber piece, be helpful for goods non-slip. Plastic tray into the fork type, for the four common variety of handling equipment.