plastic laminated tube

The hand cream hose also has a lot of different needs. One is need in the above material is more durable.


The hand cream hose also has a lot of different needs. One is need in the above material is more durable. Because a lot of skin care products are used in the morning and evening, use the number of times is not much, but plastic laminated tube the hand cream hose is almost all-weather, thought of according to the need to use the following, so durability is more important. Eye cream packaging in general is two kinds, one kind is bottled, one kind is the packing of the hose.
Bottles are generally put in the home, because in the use of eye cream won't be much more special, so the capacity is often not very great, most of about 15 ml. Also a eye cream eye cream hose is our common packing. But also more convenient to carry, so now the eye frost of relatively more hose manufacturer. Cleanser is really very important, because now the air pollution is more serious outside, a lot of people go out to a circle face are dust, and so on. Or makeup has now become the symbol of a kind of polite, but after makeup, need discharge makeup, need to wash a face which is very important, otherwise some chemical residue will stay inside the pores, cause pore bulky, caused inflammation symptoms and so on. And so important because cleanser cleansing milk packaging also becomes more important.
First of all, the hand cream packaging and many other skin care products, other skin care products has a lot of different classification, according to the liquid or cream will have the distinction between plastic and glass bottles, but often hand cream is give priority to in order to convenient to carry, so these bottles but not much, most is hand cream tube packing. It was also because of this, so there are many hand cream hose manufacturer.
Cleansing milk packaging usually took the form of cleanser hose. Because cleanser is plastic laminted tube gelatinous material, or slurry, the ingredients with ordinary glass bottles, and so on are generally not too rely on chart, also is not very convenient to use, so it is best to place by cleanser hose. So grandma washing hose manufacturer requirements will be higher.
Cleanser hose need to design. Hose it is need to have our brand, and need the corresponding instructions for cleansing milk, including production date, etc., all of this is to provide a clear message to our consumers. So a good cosmetic tube cleanser hose factory is to have two features on it. When it comes to hand cream, is now one of the most commonly used to protect skin to taste, before everybody feel like hand cream is not necessary, but now with all the people for hand skin maintain emphasis, the hand lotion has become the people of a products. Especially in winter, the usage of the product is higher. It is because of this, so the hand cream packaging has become an important part of the section.