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In volume nail machine in use process, if not good for heat dissipation, will affect the normal use, so is because of what factors influence?


In volume nail machine in use process, if not good for heat dissipation, will affect the normal use, so is because of what factors influence? We can from the volume nail manufacturers have a good understanding.
If the nail gun near the wall, and was nailed objects too, might affect the cooling, or are there other heat source near the nail gun. When running a nail gun, the front door and door is open, if there Automatic Nail Making Machine is no open, the fan is unable to form a strong airflow. If radiator blockage is the case, there are a lot of dust around like nail gun, for instance, long running can cause nail gun radiator appearance has a lot of dust or oil dirties, and then let its internal copper pipe also is easier to form oil dirties jam, so heat.
And nail gun oil filter may be too dirty, if it has with three rows of oil filter, because it's too dirty, the cause of its resistance to oil can't according to normal flow into the sealing machine, sealing machine also can because it leads to cooling lubricating oil shortage caused by the rapid warming.
Coil nail factory manufacturing products is what we used in the construction industry, in use process need to be aware of what is, now it's time to carefully understand side show off knowledge introduction?
Actually we know the material of products is metal, in order to prevent the product appears on the phenomenon of rust, metal in the presence of large amounts of chlorine anion, chlorine corrosion is very serious sometimes Nail Making Machine manufacturers serious erosion is almost melted into powder, another kind of circumstance coil nail machine material the hardware problem itself is not perfect so produced using cycle will not very long, these situations it is corrosion in severe cases can lead to volume nail machine.
In order to ensure the quality of the products, we need to pay attention to place it in the appropriate environment, the advantage is can have the effect of extended product life, brings us great benefits.
Coil nail machine manufacturers products played a role in the construction industry is relatively large, in the process of using it with what kind of performance, now it's time to carefully to understand this knowledge introduction?
Volume and the actual bearing capacity of nail in load are relatively good, though can't compare with high strength bolt, but can meet the needs of normal people. Volume on the mechanical properties of the nail machine used in machinery, we can know is that many are all have great relationship with stainless steel wire. With the development of standard parts, a growing, the mechanical properties of the nail. Nails with high temperature resistance, this is because the hardness of the coil nail machine itself is stronger.
Generally in the production of wooden pallets, wooden pallet, etc., only need ordinary coil nail machine, namely the low volume nail machine, its working pressure in the 4 to 8 kg, use normal volume nail, such as FS64V5, FC70W3 etc. And high voltage coil nail machine using air pressure usually in more than 10 kg, using special plastic coil nail, can play in concrete, thin plate, etc. At Automatic nail machine ordinary times should pay attention to maintain good volume nail machine, to better use. Coil nail machine work for firing pin to do inside the cylinder piston movement, so must add lubricating oil regularly, to reduce the wear and tear of the parts.
Because volume nail machine need powered by compressed air, and also contains a lot of moisture in the air, so between the air compressor and the coil nail machine should be connected to an oil water separator device, have the effect of moisture, avoid because the nail gun into too much moisture, cause and aprons for soaking and swell.